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Now that you are all hopefully at home with your family, let’s build a gardening project with your children! This is the good thing about this retched time, family working together creating a sense of wellbeing.

Let’s grow vegetables! Go to an unpopulated greenhouse and get supplies.

Ponder the seed packets. Make your choices. I purchased 7 packets for my grandchildren: Cucumber, Pattypan Squash, Gourmet Salad Blend, Bunching Evergreen Scallions, Bush Beans (snap beans), Golden Beets and Scarlet Carrots

Choose supplies: enhanced soil, garden gloves, trowel, hand rake, garden twine, trellis (better to make one with sticks from your property) and plant food (Miracle Grow or Jack’s). Oops! a 2 gallon watering can. Have a bucket for weeds. By the way, discarded coffee grounds are a very good soil enhancement! Starbucks mentioned to me that they have lots they could share if you ask.

With supplies in hand, let’s plan:

Rewrite the directions on the packets in Kid Language. Go over the instructions. Go out into your lawn/garden or deck and pick a sunny spot. 10’x5′ is a very doable size.

Outline your bed digging a trench to hold water around the exterior perimeter. De-weed/grass the chosen area. Enhance the soil; plant your seeds to the specified packet requirement. Water well daily; feed weekly; have patience. Happy Gardening! Healthy rewards.

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