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Plant Stress Indicators

The following information is given by Lynn Griffeth, a biochemist who specializes in plant care and compiled simply by Lanette Akerson, Plant Doctor

Solid yellow leaf - drought stress, fertilizing when soil is dry

Small leaves - needs nitrogen

Purpling of older leaves - needs phosphorus (orchids like) 2t./gal.

Lack of color - needs Magnesium (Epson salts) 2t./gal.

Distorted new growth, weak cell walls, elongated stems - calcium (1t. calcium.nitrate/gal.)

Netting look - caused by old soil, high ph - needs iron, miracid lowers PH a bit - sculpture (Manganese deficiency symptoms are similar to those of iron lack)

Margin of leaf color distortion - Floride toxicity - raise PH and calcium. Don't worry about calcium and Magnesium overdoses

Brown tipping - fluoride damage, overfeeding


Mealy Bug - White cottony (Silicon spray)

Spider Mite - Tiny webbing between leaves and leaf spots where the tiny insect has sucked out the chlorophyll (soapy water).

Scale - Small scabs on leaf, doesn't move. Leaves a sticky residue (wash with soapy water, removing bump and residue)

Soil Gnats - Feed on dead and decaying matter in soil. Annoying. Treat by applying nematodes to wet soil two weeks in a row.

Aphids - Small translucent ovals. Love flowers. Clean with soapy water.

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